Meditation Retreat

Retreat Application

  • Please fill in the application form.
  • Please wait for our e-mail notification before make any plan.
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If you have problem applying online, please send an email with “Retreat Application Form” in subject field to We will contact you later. For novitiate program, including children, please use form for ‘Bhikkhu & Sāmaṇera’/’Nun’. First timer who would like to be ordained as temporary Sāmaṇera/Nun is required to undergo 10-day observation period prior to being considered for acceptance by meditation teacher.

* VASSA PERIOD – Please be informed that all bhikkhus, sāmaṇeras and nuns at Dhamma Earth observed Vassa and do not travel during Vassa period.  It is advisable that any bhikkhus, sāmaṇeras and nuns should come either before Vassa starts or after Vassa ends. 

For applicants of  Dhamma Earth, Kuching only:

  • If your application is approved, please inform us of your arrival date & time upon receiving our reply. This is for our record purpose and arrangement of accommodation. If you were to arrive by flight, please email us your flight itinerary after ticket booking.
  • Upon arrival at the Hermitage, please report to Maha Bodhi Cabin (Office) and pass the original signed copy of ‘Student Application Form’ and ‘Codes of Disciplines’ to the respective Officer.