About Dhamma Earth Malacca

About Dhamma Earth Malacca Centre

In 2010, Brother Yeo Ah Whatt and IMO Brother Simon Chong Miao Fa invited Venerable U. Mangala to propagate the teachings of Buddha in Malacca. The meeting of the perfect Dharma had deeply touched Brother Yeo and IMO Brother Chong’s hearts whilst Venerable U. Mangala came back to Malacca to visit his mother. Brother Yeo and Brother Simon actively invited Venerable U. Mangala to give talks in many places with Venerable U. Mangala tirelessly and willingly to preach the Dharma. The Dharma talks garnered a lot of interests and the wheel of the dharma finally begins to spin in Malacca.

Dhamma Earth Malacca Centre finally established in April 2012 at Bukit Beruang. After the establishment of Dhamma Earth Malacca Centre, it was jubilant to have a visit from Pa Auk Sayadawgyi with the entourage of Venerable U. Mangala. Dhamma Earth Malacca was also truly blessed to have Pa Auk Sayadawgyi making chanting preparations for the construction of the Sima Hall with the sangha members from Dhamma Earth Kuching were also cordially invited to aid in the pre-commencement activities. Dhamma Earth Malacca Meditation Centre was completed in 2016.

Venerable U. Mangala appointed Brother Lim Aik Chuan as the meditation teacher of Dhamma Earth Malacca as many people were very keen in learning the dharma at that time. Meditation classes are conducted by brother Lim Aik Chuan at Buddhist Fellowship Circle on every Saturday whereas the Sunday meditation class will be held at Sima Hall of Dhamma Earth Malacca Centre. Meditation session is start from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm, follow by half an hour of dharma talk or dharma sharing.


Tusita Malacca Sīmā Hall

Furthermore, Pali Chanting class started in 2016 and lead by Brother Yeo Tai Wah on Thursday every two weeks, the class starts at 8 pm. Another significant activity, Children Dhamma Class is established in 2018 and starts at 8pm on every Sunday.

For annual activities, the committees of Tusita Malacca organise Wesak Day Celebration and A Day Retreat, Chinese New Year Meditation and Dharma Sharing Session and Mid- Autumn Festival Dharma Sharing Session.


Contact : Brother Lim +60 16-353 5832

Address: No 20, Jalan D7, 75450 Bukit Beruang, Melaka, Malaysia.

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