About Dhamma Earth – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About Dhamma Earth - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dhamma Earth - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (formerly known as Dhamma Earth Semenyih) has started the plan since March 2016 to set up a Dhamma community of diverse groups in a shared environment that will naturally generate a Dhamma propagation synergy. This ecosystem consists of 4 main components:

  • Meditation Hermitage Region (forest monastery) ~ long period intensive retreat area, intermediate retreat area
  • Dhamma Activities Region (several multi-purpose hall and event camping site)
  • Academic area- Introduction of meditation for beginner, learn to practice Dhamma in daily life; providing different training such as: Dhamma leadership course, cultivate emotional intelligence, realization of cause and effect in different life aspect etc.
  • Activities area- organizing routine activities, University Dhamma Camp, Youth Dhamma Camp, Children Dhamma Class, tuition class, life liberation, Family Camp, Volunteer Training Camp, different types of forum etc.
  • Social Welfare Region ~ Centre for the elderly, Orphans’ Home, Centre for the physically challenged, Hospice Centre, Day-care Centre for infants and children.
  • Health and Wellness Region ~ public open area for all groups of people to exercise facilities and park areas. Herbs garden, Organic farms and garden.

This Dhamma Ecosystem is a meeting point of the receiving and the giving, it is also for us to realize the only vision:

May the Buddha’s teachings spread far and wide,

may all sentient beings be free from all suffering and attain happiness,

may all those who have come to know the Dhamma learn the Dhamma, practise the Dhamma,

realize the Dhamma and protect the Dhamma,

and may all those who have not come to know the Dhamma

have the opportunity to plant a seed of the Dhamma.”

The Principle

Dhamma propagation intends to liberate all beings from sufferings.

All beings suffer because of various causes and conditions.

They suffer because they are ignorant of the causes of suffering.

To cease from these sufferings, we need to understand the natural law, the causes of suffering and the causes of happiness, so that eventually, we can find the ultimate way to escape from the cycle of saṃsāra (suffering).

Through the teachings of the Buddha, especially the teachings of meditation, we are able to develop our mind to see the truth and realities of life, rebirth and workings of kamma.  Through development of the mind, we could also find the way to gradually let go of the causes of sufferings until we achieve ultimate liberation.

We would like to propagate the Dhamma through an ecosystem:

  1. This ecosystem must incorporate the original teachings of the Buddha which guide all beings towards the cessation of sufferings, attainment of true happiness, for full liberation and the attainment of nibbana.
  2. In this ecosystem, the Sangha, who keep the monastic code and practices the Dhamma, lead laities in the ancient Buddha’s way.

The monastics are responsible for the interpretation of the Dhamma and vinaya as well as making directional and principle based decision, guiding the implementation and propagation of the Dhamma.

The laities are responsible for supporting the monastics, so that the monastics can practice and propagate the Dhamma whole heartedly.

  3. This ecosystem must have various platforms with facilities and programs to provide Dhamma sustenance to people of       all walks of life so that they are able to create good Dhamma affinity and grow in the Dhamma.

This would be a massive ecosystem which would be run in accordance to the Dhamma and vinaya and will continue to support the propagation of the original teachings of the Buddha.

This ecosystem caters for everyone:

  • Those in the dark are welcomed so they can walk towards the light
  • Those in the light are welcomed so they can continue walking the path of brightness
  • Children, youth and the elderly are welcomed
  • Sick patients, disabled, people who are physically challenged and people who are dying, are all welcomed
  • Those who need protection and those who would like to protect others and spread loving kindness are all welcomed.
  • Protected or being protected, love or being loved, each and every one of us would be able to learn and grow in the Dhamma.
Dhamma Ecosystem

Email address: dhammaearthclub@gmail.com

Telephone number: +6017 977 9100

Address: Lot 1304, Jalan Sungai Lalang, Mukim Ulu Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor, 43500, Selangor

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