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About Dhamma Earth Kuching

Tusita Begin on Earth

February 2008

Five bhikkhus (monks) came to Kuching. Thus marked the beginning of their deep relationship with Malaysia Dhamma Society (MDS), formerly known as Kuching Bhagavan Buddhist Society (KBBS). A short ten-day gathering sowed the seeds of a beautiful commitment. It was like a dream, yet it was true.

One month later, a group of Saṅgha brothers sharing a common vision gathered in Kuching and hence embarked the open-hearted spiritual journey of this band of Truth-seekers.

July 18, 2008

In Sin San Tu, Tusita Hermitage established. There, eleven bhikkhus, ten sāmeṇeras (novice monks) and two old sayalays (nuns) entered Vassa (Rains Retreat). Concurrently, two bhikkhus and four sayalays also entered Vassa in Bodhivana at 11 Miles, Kuching. They sparked the flame of hope in MDS to shoulder the historic task of propagating the True Dhamma and reviving the Noble Sangha.

Some say, though only a small international Saṅgha, it is still the first of its kind in Malaysia. However, they do not mean to be different. They only wish to safeguard the Dhamma heritage of our Noble Lineage and to blaze a trail for future generations to come – for the longevity of the Original Buddha’s Teachings and for the cessation of suffering of beings.

This young assembly…these young hearts…, faithfully adhering to the wisdom and experiences of old, quietly practices the Dhamma. Some people consider them to be aloof. For them, they are just forging ahead sure-footedly.

July 7, 2009

Twenty-two bhikkhus and six sāmeṇeras entered Vassa in Tusita Hermitage. Thirty sayalays with some laity entered Vassa in Bodhivana. Undersized practicing space began to feel the load. However the Saṅgha and sayalays shared their congested monasteries in united harmony. Regrettably, there are still others who did not get the chance to join.

Some say, in this past year, this group brought about a revolutionary miracle. Some claim this to be the work of nagas and guardian devas. Some declare it to be the result of the genuine hearts of the group…insiders deem it to be just ordinary work. When their leader was asked, he replied, “This is the power of the Dhamma. It is a natural outcome of the combined Dhamma power in each of us.”

Let us selflessly, sincerely and whole-heartedly dedicate our lives to the Triple Gem. Let us cultivate our own minds to unveil the immeasurable power of the Dhamma. First we must illuminate ourselves then only can we illuminate others.

You see, they have joined. Their parents have joined. Their spouses and children have joined. They wish to share their Dhamma happiness with others and live out the beautiful atmosphere of Tusita Heaven here and now.

They never think of themselves as perfect. Instead, they cherish every inner and outer imperfection as a golden opportunity to train their minds…for Truth…for the realization of unshakable Happiness…for the perfect and secure Nibbāna.

This is the ancient mission: They strive to serve as the incomparable field of merit for the world. Thus they relentlessly endeavor to purify their minds. To them, the love for oneself and the love for others harbors no contradiction but only genuine harmony.

Let the river of the Buddha’s Dispensation flow long! Oh, Dear Young Hearts !

Let beings see Hope! Oh, Courageous Pioneers fearlessly go!

Let all Great Ones Dare to Dream! Dare to live the Dreams of Dhamma and Great Love!

Go forth Young Hearts and Grow with the Sāsana!

Here, in Tusita Hermitage, begins these Great Dreams.

Friends, what role will you play for Tusita Dreams in these defining moments? Let us contribute to the Buddha’s Dispensation, to ensure its continuation, to spread the Dhamma, to strengthen the Saṅgha, and to benefit all beings. Come. Contribute a piece of your heart, a share of your energy, and together we shall give the world our True Selfless Sincerity.

Giving the World True Selfless Sincerity ”

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