About Dhamma Earth – Penang, Malaysia

About Dhamma Earth - Malaysia, Penang

Dhamma Earth -  Malaysia, Penang (Ariyapariyesanāvāsa) is a branch of Malaysia Dhamma Society (MDS). This center was set up in city area to bring Dhamma to the city residents to make it easier for them to practice Dhamma.

Below are the dhamma activities that are being scheduled with the blessing from MDS Sangha members: -

  1. Weekly Sunday Dhamma Activities
    a. Alms round
    b. Buddha pūjā, chanting
    c. Dhamma talk by Bhante
    d. Children Dhamma class
    e. Offering of lunch dāna
  2. Weekly Thursday group meditation
  3. Chinese New Year eve lamp lighting and Dhamma talk by Bhante.
  4. Wesak day celebration - lamp lighting, bathing of the Buddha, Dhamma talk by Bhante, chanting and other dhamma activities.
  5. Charity Events - visiting less fortunate homes organized with volunteers.
  6. Meditation retreat (one to two days, or nine days)
  7. Themed Buddha Pūjā e.g. Jaya Maṅgala

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Below are some activities photo:

Background of Dhamma Earth Penang

DE Penang is formerly known as Tusita Penang Center, which was setup in year 2014 at a shop lot in Bayan Lepas being offered by two of the members. The early activities were Wesak Day Celebration, Chinese New Year eve lamp lighting and Sunday Buddha pūjā. Charity visits and short meditation retreat were then slowly added. The Sunday activities also evolved like adding Sunday Children Dhamma Class, Dhamma talk by Bhante and offering of lunch dāna.

The number of activities and devotees increase over time. We are blessed that in 2019, when the sub-committee was looking for a new venue to meet the influx of devotees, a couple from the sub-committee dana a 3-storey bungalow to Tusita Penang for 3 years. Thus, the birth of our new location located at Sg Ara on 12th December 2019, a more conducive environment to cater more devotees to practice Dhamma and to participate in Dhamma activities. We are grateful to have Bhante Maṅgala and few monastics to officially open the Ariyapariyesanāvāsa on 15th December 2019. The branch was then officially set up in year 2021.

Please come and join us on our Dhamma activities with your loved ones. May all beings be well and happy! Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!  

Below are some photos of early Dhamma activities:

Email address: mangala.e.pg@gmail.com

Telephone number: +6016 554 8699

Address: 2, Jln Sg Ara 5, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

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